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    Variable operating conditions? Doesn't matter! The Sany SY55C digger is going to sell anyway

    Article source:The station Upload time:2023-02-16

    Let's hear what an industry expert has to say.

    Jiangsu customer General Sun, who has been deeply engaged in the construction machinery industry for more than 15 years, purchased SY55C under the operator's repeated recommendation.

    After using it for some time, Sun said, "The fully upgraded SY55C is very user-friendly, easy to operate, and the cab is very comfortable. Machine performance is very stable, fast action, power! 100 mu of land of lampblack canal, sewage ditch, such a large amount of engineering, SY55C is completely no problem."

    "In 2013, I used all my savings to buy a SY55 in installments. During that time, I put all my energy into my work. Every year, with this SY55, the days get better and better!" Old customer Wang said emotively.

    Dig for gold and silver and get rich in a good way

    SY55C is the main 5-6T class small excavator star products of Sany Heavy Machinery, over the years of cumulative sales of more than 10,000 units, single model market share is high. It has won the "Gold Medal of market Performance" in the TOP50 annual products of China construction machinery, and it is a well-deserved model of small excavation.

    SY55C National four machine around "new technology", "new shape", "new power" new upgrade, with "energy-saving, efficient, durable and reliable, low maintenance cost, intelligent driving" and other characteristics, will be for town construction, municipal construction, housing construction, farmland, water conservancy and other small earth and rock engineering to provide more quality services.

    Robust and reliable, multi-operating application

    Sany custom imported engine, rated power 36kW, using turbocharging technology, greater output power and output torque, make the machine more powerful. Precise fuel injection technology ensures excellent power and economy.

    Independent development of constant power algorithm to achieve efficient engine/pump/valve matching, the overall efficiency of the whole machine operation significantly improved. Large torque walking motor, strong power, effectively improve walking traction.

    Reinforced rock bucket, the bottom of the wear-resistant steel plate, so that the intensity of the bucket is higher. The quadratic arc shape of the optimized design reduces the excavation resistance and wear of the sand and stone on the bucket body, which is more labor-saving and durable. According to the market demand, develop the bucket with multiple operating conditions.

    The boom strengthening plate thickness increases, the strength is higher, the forging-type rear support is adopted, the local welding stress concentration is avoided, the service life of the working device is greatly improved.

    Flexible and changeable, small digging model, comprehensive upgrade, higher value. China four SY55C, it is a hand, all gold and silver.